When are we going to an Osteopath?

during the treatment

Absolutely everybody at every age can go to an osteopath.

Osteopathy is an excellent preventive medicine. It relieves or even avoids pain symptoms in the body.

Pain not coming from a direct trauma, like falling or a blow, is often the result of bad habits (in work, sports, daily life) which cannot be compensated for by the body anymore.

Our daily habits impose different repetitive positions that can lead to mobility restrictions of the body. To preserve its movement ability, the body is constantly adapting itself, by modifying its posture all the time.

Therefore it is of utmost interest to consult an osteopath for a check-up, just like a dental or other medical check-up, to identify and avoid health complaints later in life, which could have been compensated for by the body.

Osteopathy is focused on all bodily structures; it means that the cause determines the form of the therapy. If there is any dysfunction that is organic and not structural, the osteopath is refers the patient to other medical practitioners. For example: eye doctor (ophtamologist), dentist, gynecologist, internist…

Otherwise osteopathy can help in diverse cases like:

Babies or children:

  • insomnia
  • swallow and eating disorder, spittle child
  • lopsided neck, Kiss-Syndrom, Scoliosis
  • hip dysplasia
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head) or distorsion from the face
  • Asymmetry, muscular dysbalance
  • Difficulties for learn or to concentrate

 Human musculoskeletal system:

  • Joint problems
  • Blockade or pain of the spinal column
  • Sprain
  • Whiplash 

Internist area:

  • Digestion problems like reflux, constipation, diahrrea…
  • Consequences from operations like scars and adhesion
  • Organ sinking

Urogenital area:

  • Menstruation problems
  • pregnancy: preparation for birth and aftercare
  • Urinary incontinence

ENT area (Otolaryngology):

  • Headache, migraine
  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic otitis or sinusitis

Cranio-Sacral area:

  • Temporomandibular joint problems, occlusion regulation
  • whiplash
  • headache, migraine